We work with LGBT youth groups to provide skills in performance, confidence-building and self-esteem. Our workshops focus on storytelling and practical acting exercises which enable young people to share their own experiences and to channel them in a creative way. We also look at LGBT history and culture, and work with the many interviews that we have collected from older members of the LGBT community.

We are constantly connecting with the older LGBT people – visiting residential homes, long-established groups and working with various charities. This work takes the form of workshops, performances, consultation, as well as keeping an archive of verbal history from participants. And it all usually takes place over a cup of tea and bicky!

We deliver workshops for the whole community, and you don’t need to be an LGBT organisation to work with us. We share our work and the history of the LGBT community with all youth theatres, schools and colleges.

If you or your organisation would like to book a workshop or learn more about what we do, please email us at info@outboxlgb.com

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